Bloodaxe Book Challenge

Young readers are encouraged to take part in a literary battle as part of the JORVIK Viking Festival fifth Bloodaxe Book Challenge!

ericbloodaxe-483x780The book challenge, supported by Explore York Libraries and Archives, tasks children with reading four books between October and January.

The challenge is named after Eric Bloodaxe, the last Viking King in York, who will feature prominently in 2017’s JORVIK Viking Festival.

Participants will collect a special ‘character’ sticker for each book they read, with stickers of Salva, Toki, Gunnhild and of course Eric himself to collect. When all 4 are stuck on the special bookmarks you will get a free ticket to the JORVIK Viking Centre and the chance to meet the author Robert J Harris, who writes the popular “The World Goes Loki” series of books.

Get Involved

To get involved and take part in the Bloodaxe Book Challenge, go to your local Explore York Library and sign up!

Books by Robert J. Harris